Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lazy Gal Summer 2008

I enjoy reading Tonya's blog Lazy Gal Quilting. She has a wonderful style of free piecing her quilts. On her blog, she has several tutorials for free style piecing. I used her free pieced letter tutorial to make this quilt that I swaped with LauraJay for Valentine's Day.

Love Shack for LauraJay

Here is what LauraJay made for me using Tonya's tutorial:

Love Much Quilt from LauraJay

Tonya has also hosted a few online classes for free. She just started a class called Lazy Gal Summer 2008. I have joined and it is going to be so much fun!

Thanks Tonya for your tutorials, inspiration and putting these classes together!

**is it a blogging no no to link to someone's blog without asking?

**LauraJay, I didn't know if you wanted me posting a link to your blog


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Both of these quilts are fabulous- you and LauraJay did great! I'm glad you're in the class so we can see more great work from you.

I've been happily linking away to all sorts of blogs and websites for almost three years and I've never asked once. In fact I've never heard it was a no-no.

LauraJ said...

Hello! This is fabulous and thank you for the shoutout! I don't mind if you link to me at all. In fact I'm honoured! :D

textile_fetish said...

It's actually a blogging YES-YES! Ha.

Helen said...

They are both stunning! A lovely Valentine's day swap. :)

Hedgehog said...

Love, love, love both of these!