Wednesday, March 12, 2008

in the mood...

It has been a couple of weeks since I have worked on anything quilty. I'm currently working on a swap with two friends from flickr, LauraJay and lucyellen06. I had to finish a few other sewing related items first, but now I need to buckle down and get to work on these two swap quilts. So to get in the mood, I worked for a little while out of my scrap box. And since I can't get houses out of my brain right now, here is the result:

little red house
3.5"4.25", machine pieced, machine quilted

I wanted to try making a quilted coaster, and I'm pleased with the result, but I think it just might be a little quilt for a little while. I'm not ready to cover it up with my cup.


kathi said...

What a darling little quilt. I'd have a hard time covering it up too. It's so happy looking.

LauraJ said...

good morning! that house is too cute! I almost made some houses for our swap quilt but that didn't pan out. I like your wonky houses and again you've put something in my head that I can't get out! You and your darn inspiration!
I feel like I'm at school again and I'm so easily swayed from the peer pressure. What all the cool kids are making wonky houses!
verification word: zzzzmuz (read laura muz get some more zzzz)

Carol said...

You have a blog!
Hi Sarah,
Cute little quilted house.

Helen said...

Sarah! So glad you have a blog now, have admired your quilts on flickr for awhile! You'll love blogging just as much as quilting! :)

upstateLisa said...

Hey Sarah, now I found your blog!!! I loooove log cabins (and houses) so I love that little block of yours. I have also enjoyed reading Tonya's stuff in the past but will have to check out her lazy gal quilting for the summer!!!

LauraJ said...

you found me yayyy!!