Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one last trip...

to see my FIL, his wife, my SIL and her family. They are heading back to Connecticut soon, and we had one last visit to see them and have a small birthday celebration for me, Marguerite and my FIL's wife. (No, it's not our birthdays yet)

early celebration with in laws

We also went to Epcot one day

The Three Caballeros

and to Magic Kingdom the following evening. We won't be going back to Disney for a little while, and we hadn't been at night yet. We rode a few rides.

Magic Kingdom

And saw the fireworks and the light parade.

Magic Kingdom

And we all went home very tired.

going home

More pictures on flickr.

This week will be spent unpacking, getting the house back in order, schooling, and preparing for Marguerite's birthday party on Saturday. Her birthday is next Tuesday. The big Oh 7!

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