Sunday, October 17, 2010

a snoopy fix

snoopy quilt

remember this quilt i made for my daughter? well, last spring gonzo got a hold of it.

quilt damage

quilt damage

sometimes i hate that dog. and boy, was that day the worst gonzo hating day ever. i don't know if i will ever trust him. his list of destruction (mostly during puppyhood) is very long.

the weather has turned cooler here lately, and marguerite needed her quilt. and i needed to clean off my sewing table. (more about that at the end of the post)


i sewed a snoopy patch over the big hole. and zig zagged over it to catch the ripped batting. i should have put a square of batting in there too. oh well. the backing wasn't ripped thankfully. i don't think it's even that noticeable.


for the rip in the binding, i cut off the ripped part. sewed in a piece of batting to fill it in. then sewed down half of a patch to the back, then turned it over to the front and sewed that down. i don't know if that was the best way to handle that. but it works.


this patch didn't match. i didn't have any more of that fabric, plus it was going to show on the back no matter what. so i used another snoopy fabric that is new and not in the quilt at all. so i am pleased. and more importantly, marguerite is thrilled that she has her quilt back.

now i know there are some quilters out there that would have taken the whole quilt apart and fixed it so you couldn't even tell anything happened in the first place. i'm not one of those quilters. for a few reasons. i'm more of a tim gunn kinda girl "make it work people". that could be read as lazy. or practical. i don't have time to fix it like that. or the patience. gonzo might do it again. i'll put "he loved fabric" on his tombstone if he does. these patches tell a story. or maybe a warning : ) like a battle scar.

so for the "cleaning off my sewing table" part of the post. most of you know that i have asthma and that i'm allergic to dust. well these past few months, my allergies have been out of control. we went to alabama for a few days last month and i could breathe just fine. as soon as we got back into florida, my allergies started to kick in. as soon as we got back in the house, they were full blown. part of our house has really old carpeting which is adding to the dust factor. and my bedroom is in that part of the house and my sewing space is in my bedroom. plus our house has lots of clutter so it isn't the easiest to clean. plus i don't dust that often. it's a catch 22: i don't dust because it stirs up the dust and i breathe it in. but if i don't dust, my allergies get worse. so after several talks with my husband, we have come up with a plan. first, clear out the bedroom of as much stuff as we can including my sewing stuff so that it is quick and easy to dust and vacuum. then, we work on the rest of the house. to get the sewing stuff out of the bedroom, billy has to pare down his computer stuff to make room for me in the family room. which he has been working on bit by bit.

blah blah blah

all that to say that my allergies and my asthma have been in high gear lately. and totally out of control since i moved and dusted some yesterday. plus i have a cold that is compromising my breathing too. yesterday was really bad. i have never thought about breathing so much in one day. i thought i might have to go to the e.r.


Alex said...

Oh Sarah...please take care of yourself. Ashtma is scary. One of my cousins has it bad, for her a triger is pets. She can't visit me without taking drugs.
Hope you get better soon. Take it easy.
And the snoopy quilt looks great. I like the little green fabric snoopy on the back, like a little peak-a-book or something..

Molly said...

the snoopy quilt is beautiful and you did a beautiful repair job!

SpartanGirl said...

I love your fix. It's the kind of fix I would do too - it leaves behind the story, and honestly, I would never find the time to take apart the whole thing to fix it! :D I hope Gonzo stays far, far away from it!

Michele said...

Your patches are perfect! I've always loved patches on quilts. Hope your breathing gets easier.

susan said...

I really like your quilt fixes. I think that is what our grandmothers would have done. It would be silly to take the whole thing apart. Bad gonzo. Sorry you are having such issues with your asthma. Good luck with your plan tho!

Not Lucy said...

Good job on the fix. I did a fix recently for a friend's little girl. I did take it apart and added heart shaped patches and then retied it so it was almost like a new quilt and Elizabeth was happy with her 'new' quilt!

As for the asthma, take care of yourself!

Tine said...

I love the repair! I would defiantely think of the patches as battle scars :) They add to the story of the quilt - they may need a seperate label to tell that story?! I think M is so lucky to have that quilt, and I can understand why she is happy to have it back ;)

Tonya Ricucci said...

I think thats a very practical solution! I like the description of "Tim Gunn girl" - woohoo! sorry to hear about the asthma. scary. I've got horrible dust/fabric allergies too. I'm on Omnaris and it's helping a bunch.

Valerie said...

If you can get rid of the carpet in your bedroom DO IT! Getting rid of the carpet and making the bedroom a cat-free zone has been almost miraculous for my asthma, I rarely need my rescue inhalers any more, and when things do flare up I find the bedroom is a real clean air sanctuary (and much needed because the rest of my house is clutter, dust and cat fur city!)

Take care of you!

Gari said...

Our puppy chewed the corner off of the quilt that is the header on my blog. I just rounded the corner off and put a binding on it (3 square corners and one round one). Then I put a patch on the back of that corner that says "Abby did it!" I love that quilt and that dog.

Becky said...

You might want to think about wearing a dust mask while you work to help prevent your asthma and allergies from flaring up.