Saturday, October 16, 2010

mug rug received

mug rug received

i received my mug rug this week from quilting barbie. it came on tuesday, and i was feeling sick that day and it brought me a smile. my kids were thrilled they were included. zach received some canadian coins and marguerite some stickers.

mug rug received - front

do you see the sweet little mouse fabric she used to wrap everything? she really did her snooping. we've had many pet rodents, and at the moment we are down to one pet mouse, ginger.

mug rug received - back

and i love the colors, and all the dots and different fabrics, and all the wonkiness of it. it's wonderful barb! and i know just the spot i'm going to use it. i'll even let my husband share it with me.

thanks barb for a great swap package - i love the mug rug! sorry i didn't post sooner about it, but i've been under the weather most of the week.


hi stephanie!!! *waving madly like a fool*

(for those of you who don't know, stephanie is a dear friend. we've been friends since our oldest children were babies. and she's one of those rare friends who "gets" me. one of those friends that understands that i have an internet part of my life and doesn't think i'm weird because of it. she understands that i have a need to create because she does too.)

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LJ said...

I have a friend like stephanie too! she gets me and my quiltspeak oh and when i'm in my head too much she can pull me out of it.
Happy weekend!!