Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thank you

florida softshell turtle

thank you for all the well wishes and suggestions regarding my asthma. i went to see my doctor yesterday, and now that i'm on some medication, i'm feeling a lot better. billy and i will still continue with our plan of declutting, moving things about, and deep cleaning. and billy bought me a dust mask to wear when times get dusty.

florida softshell turtle

i also want to say thank you to all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. i usually don't have the time to respond to most, but i do appreciate them. and if you haven't figured out yet, i'm a horrible noncommenter on blogs. i'm trying to get better about that.

florida softshell turtle

our pool has been on the green side lately. when it gets cooler and no one is swimming in it, it tends to get neglected. and occasionally we find a critter in it. this weekend, marguerite found this florida softshell turtle. after she rescued it, and named it pancake, we all had a good look at it. we have no idea where he came from. there are no lakes or ponds nearby, and our yard is fenced. it has been very dry lately and some water-needing animals are on the move. maybe a bird dropped it's dinner while flying overhead? who knows. billy took the kids to a pond that we visit often and let him go.


Holly said...

Hi Sarah,
I have read your blog for quite sometime now, but have never commented.
I also have Asthma. Just recently i've been prescribed a nebulizer. Although, it's a pain at times as you cant go very far away from it when you are using it, it really works wonders. I can now exercise again, clean, and all the other things i couldnt do before just by doing a treatment about 1/2 hour beforehand.
It took me a year to finally get it as my asthma would usually behave when I had Doctor visits. It was only after this most recent attack when i landed in the ER with o2 levels dipped down to 88 (not horribly bad, but not good either) that my Dr finally gave me the machine. Again, it's made my life so much nicer these days.
If, you're Doctor has not mentioned this to you, it may be something you might want to mention to them.
I would have emailed this to you instead of putting it in the comments but was unable to find an email link. I hope that is ok.
The snoopy quilt is adorable and the fixes are just perfect...it looks great.

Tine said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! It's hard to declutter, but I also find it freeing when we have done it. The bad part about it is, at least at my house, you have to do it about once a year :/

Sarah said...

What a cute turtle! His shell looks like a saddle and his pointy nose is adorable!

I'm glad you are feeling better :)

Clare said...

I just as bad at leaving comments. I've been reading your blog via Google Reader, but not commenting. Bad blogger!

Glad you're feeling better. There must be something in the air - we're decluttering too.