Saturday, December 24, 2011

week in review

casserole hot pad - side one

casserole hot pad - side two

i went to our annual homeschool group's moms' christmas brunch.
i always enjoy making something for our white elephant gift exchange.
this year, i just made something that was simple and quick.
then i packed up my sewing machine and put it all away.
i was sick off all the clutter.
trying to decide if i want to set up a better sewing space in my bedroom.
i know. i know. i just moved it all out in the family room,
but now my sewing space is too small.

free gifts

we visited my sil and her family for our nephew's birthday.
brought free gifts from our citrus trees.

mail goodness

received some mail goodies.
more on that in another post.

dipped in chocolate

marguerite and i spent the day with friends
dipping things in chocolate
then marguerite spent the night there
and zach stayed home with my mil
and billy and i went to dinner to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!


marguerite spent friday throwing up.
and it was quiet awhile before i had a shower ; )
plus i'm gearing up for 52fridays
which is weekly self portrait challenge on flickr
helps me get over my disdain of seeing pictures of myself

books i've enjoyed

some books i've finished lately.
click on the picture to take you to flickr
if you would like to see my very brief reviews.
or you can just take my word for it that i like all three of these.


Quilty Conscience said...

Which portrait challenge did you join? I'd never heard of it but checked out Flickr groups and found many. Love your blogs...they are always teaching me something new! Here's to a fun and exciting New Year! Cheers! Toni

Jeanne said...

All of these look fabulous, particularly the Thirteenth Tale. I've just downloaded the first pages to my kindle to see what I think. Thanks!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Visiting yours is inspiring me to get crafting again!