Wednesday, April 6, 2011

first quilt of the year

yeah, i know. it's april.

i spy doxie

stephanie, a good friend of mine, is having her fourth baby and her first girl. we've been friends since our first borns were babies. she is kind and encouraging. and i love her. she loves dachshunds, and that love encourage me to get a dachshund several years ago. and i do love my penny.

i spy doxie - detail

i knew i wanted to do this pattern when i learned that stephanie was pregnant. but i love i spy quilts for babies and children, so i knew i would put an i spy twist on it. the pattern is found in dare to be square quilting. i thought i could just wing the pattern. ha ha. i recommend following the instructions, because i had more than one tim gunn "make it work people" moment. but i love the final quilt, and stephanie told me she does too. and that is all that matters.

i spy doxie - back

40ish" x 40ish"
machine pieced, quilted and bound

there's been some talk among a few of my friends on how to get a quilt from me. some friends have no quilts from me, some friends have one quilt from me, and stephanie has two quilts from me. here's how it works. if you have a baby when i'm not completely overwhelmed with life, you will likely get a baby quilt from me : )


nettie said...

really cute.

audreypawdrey said...

I love this. I just got this book for my birthday, and I love your scrappy version. I love i-spy quilts, too!

Mary Perrine said...

Hahaha you are really funny... but really I am NOT getting pregnant just to get a quilt from

~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, I have that book! Your scrappy version looks awesome!

Marit said...

Super nice quilt for a baby girl! And I like your philosophy. Not all quilters or quilts enjoy being rushed... I know, I don't.
; )

duckyhouse said...

such a cute quilt and that book looks like fun! I feel the same way you do about people who get quilts and people who don't. it's all in the timing.