Sunday, March 20, 2011


1. Thanks for the responses on the last post. I don't know if I truly expressed what I was trying to say. So let me try again : ) We each need to know what size stash we need/want for whatever "season" of life we are in currently. And we need not to be ruled by guilt over what we keep or give away. If you love the challenge of using up tiny bits or ugly fabric - great! If you don't - that's great too! Just don't feel like you need to take up someone else's convictions.

the stash

2. It's birthday time around here for me and my baby. Well, my baby just turned 10. What a sweet girl she is. She overheard me recently saying that birthdays as adult women kinda suck. (gee, i hope i didn't use that word in front of her!) Nobody cares about our birthdays as much as our mothers do, and once we are grown, birthdays just aren't as special anymore. My husband (whom I love very much!!!!) just doesn't seem to care about my birthday as much as I do. Anyway, my daughter has determined that this is going to be my best birthday yet. So we'll see what she has planned. she's been quite busy with her secret planning and making. Her sweetness has made my birthday extra special so far.


3. What blog reader do you use? Or do you use another method to keep tabs on your favorite blogs? I've been using google reader, but it's been dropping/forgetting/losing some of my favorite blogs posts. It makes me wonder how many posts I have missed. Anyway, I need a new system. What do you recommend?


Amy said...

I hear ya on the scrap saving, I do try to reuse some that are very nice and dear to me... some I donate to a friend or use freecycle.I once gave 2 grocery sacks to a girl who was trying applique for her first time.. made me feel good and she did not have to try to gather tons of colors right away which could have made it overwhelming.have a great birthday!Amy

Anita said...

I use google reader as well and I've had problems in the past with it missing new posts. I hadn't noticed if it had missed new posts lately but I haven't checked for missed posts.... hum. Happy Birthday.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Happy Birthday! That is so sweet of your daughter. definitely true - birthdays do suck as an adult woman. sigh.

I use Feedly on my Firefox browser. For the most part I love it and find it easy to use, but it's integrated a bit with the Google Reader which is sorta obnoxious. I haven't noticed any missed posts, but then I guess I wouldn't would I....

Vickie said...

You are so right on #1!! It would be great if we could remember that in every area of life!! :) I love your stash and all the wonderful colors!! :)

Happy birthday to you and your daughter! I like to celebrate my birthday month!! Why not, I ask??? :)

I use google reader but haven't noticed it missing anything. Bummer. I use feedler on my ipad, but usually read on my computer.

Gari said...

I love my birthday and have spent most of my 68 years making sure that all my family knows that all of November is BIRTHDAY MONTH. No problem being forgotten or it being downplayed.

I read from Bloglovin and it works great for me. I tried Google Reader but didn't like the format.

And, no one pushes me with regard to my stash. I figure that what I do with my fabrics is my business, even if I decide just to keep it around.

Melanie said...

I just read the previous post which really struck a chord!
We moved house not so long ago and was trying to downsize my fabric and here in the UK I just could not find anywhere that would take it(a lot of good quality quilt shop fabric moda, kaffe etc)
I trawled all the charity shops who told me to put it all in the recycling bin or advertise on ebay but I just could not face photographing and listing and possibly losing money on it.
It really made me think about this whole subject

doni said...

I love scraps!! I've been working on a bag of "too little to use; too big to throw away" scraps and all my favorites are in there! It's going to be an awesome log cabin!!

I don't use a reader - I just have a Quilting folder in my favorites. I do a column a day and usually get to everyone at least once a week! You're in there too, you know!

Happy Birthday!!

doni @ Oregon coast

Laney said...

I have google reader, but find I don't use it much. I keep a file of blogs I like to read in my favorites and enjoy checking in on them a few times a week. Yours is one of them :)

Alex said...

I use google reader, but rarely go there to read posts..the only way I keep track is by adding the blogs I want to read to my blog.

Jantine said...

I prefer bloglines over Google reader! I used google for a while when bloglines was said to go away. But it has been taken over by MerchantCircle and up and running! I find it easier to read and quicker to come up with all the feeds. Less double clicking to get to teh actual blog too!