Sunday, November 21, 2010

how i plan on spending my holiday vacation

among other things.

now that school is finished!!!

since i've hardly had time to sew during the school terms, i plan on making up for it now. we are moving all my sewing stuff out of our bedroom very soon, and i need to get a few projects done before thanksgiving. first up, some casserole hot pads inspired by these.

hello scraps.  i've missed you.

so i'm hitting the scrap bins and sewing up some log cabin house blocks.

how i plan to spend my winter break


byneedleandthread said...

I'm hoping to do some major scrap usage around here too! It'll free up some space! can't wait to see you're awesome houses!

Molly said...

Have fun sewing!

Alex said...

can't wait to see those finished !
you're going to have an awesome holiday !!

Jessica said...

WOW- thats a ton of scraps! Have fun with the hot pads!

Deb said...

GEEEZE that looks like FUN! Much better than jumping in a huge pile of leaves in the fall!