Thursday, November 18, 2010

finishing up the term

last week
grammar with zach. we're using analytical grammar - love it! dry as all get out, but it really gets the job done.

this is the last week of our first term of the school year. we will be taking off from thanksgiving until new years - yippee! since we only take off about five weeks in the summer, we are able to take a long holiday break now. we will still be doing some reading and a math worksheet every now and then. we are looking forward to enjoying the holidays without to much thought about schooling. i see lots of picnics, parks, museums, crafts, baking, wii, holiday movies, friends, family, and sewing (for me!) in our near future.

last week
math with marguerite. we're using MEP. love it. and it's free!

so, we're trying to finish this week strong in our school work. finishing up lots of library books to be returned (good thing since i'm on the librarian's naughty list). making plans for the spring when we will continue with term 2 and term 3 (for a total of 36 weeks of school). putting all our paper work in order for our records.

are you ready for the holiday season?


Sarah said...

Heck no we are not ready!

I stay on that library naughty list too, but they take me off when I hand over the fines.

Tine said...

That sounds like a great way to plan the school year - two long breaks instead of one really long summer break. Great photos :)
And no. Not ready. Not at all. LOL!