Thursday, October 7, 2010

thankful thursday

i'm thankful for...

- cooler weather. the highs have been in the 80's all week.

- which leads to open windows during the day.

- which leads to hearing the birds sing and chatter as they go
about their birdie lives frequenting our feeders and birdbaths.

- my husband who is decluttering his computer area
so my sewing shtuff (yes i said shtuff. no, it's not a combo of sh*t and stuff. it's just fun to say.) can leave the bedroom.

- no soccer game yesterday.

- that today was the last day school for the week.

- friends.


Gari said...

I like the idea of Thankful Thursday. If I wasn't on the road for 12-13 hours every Thursday I would try that. But I may just do it for myself, Thanks

Lynnnaturegal said...

I am SO starting Thankful Thursday!

Lori said...

awesome re: getting your shtuff out of the bedroom. ;^)