Friday, September 24, 2010

pirate quilt

pirate quilt
(zach and i were reading treasure island when i finally finished the quilt. a fun coincidence that the book cover matched the quilt)

awhile back i shared this photo with you on a wordless wednesday. now i'll share the words : )

pirate quilt - front

i collected the pirate fabric over several months for a quilt for my son. then the fabric sat for months. then i made the blocks which then sat for several months. after i finally made the quilt top, it sat for several months (see a pattern here?). then i basted it and it sat for several months. then i quilted it and it sat for several months. then i said "the heck with it!" and machine bound it lickety split.

pirate quilt - back

living in florida, there is just no rush to finish a quilt for summer.

pirate quilt - back detail

and now that zach's is done, I need to repair marguerite's quilt. gonzo got a hold of it and put a few holes in it. Let's just say I was ready to ship gonzo off to the south pole.


after announcing yesterday that i was challenging myself to blog everyday until the end of october, several friends took up the challenge for themselves too. fun!


Rachel said...

Love love love the quilt!! My son would be beyond happy if I made one like this for him. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


Tine said...

this is such a great quilt! I bet Zach is looking forward to cooler days when he can enjoy this?!
I am sorry to hear about Ms quilt- I hope it is not too bad? I know that dog of yours will chew things up pretty bad if he gets the chance ;)

nettie said...

LOve this quilt. how perfect for a boy!

Alex said...

what a cool quilt!
i think i have four quilts waiting for me to work on them... you are not alone!

was that the Snoopy quilt your dog chewed up? NOOOO!!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous! I love the piratey fabric. I have a bunch of goodnight monkey fabric for a quilt for my 6 year old... need to figure out what I'm going to do for the quilt.

Molly said...

Uh, how awesome is Zach's mom! This is such a great quilt. I especially love the camo colored skull back!

Teresa said...

Cute pirates...lucky Zach!! There have been some nice pirate fabrics lately...I'm tempted as my daughter is a HUGE Captain Jack Sparrow fan (Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean).

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Tonya R said...

love it!!!!!!