Thursday, September 23, 2010


black bird

i'm participating in a mug rug swap on flickr. don't know what a mug rug is? in my mind, it was a drink coaster made out of plastic canvas woven with yarn and yarn fringe along the edges. something my grandma made 30 years ago. but i didn't know that the mug rug had been updated. it's a cute, little, quilted mat for your drink and a snack. so much better than plastic canvas and yarn. : )

above, will be the front of my mug rug. i'm calling him mondo in honor of mondo on project runway. have you been watching? marguerite and i are enjoying this season (although she's getting an education in what potty mouth words she is not allowed to say).

below, is the back of the mug rug. hopefully my partner will like at least one side of the mug rug. 'cause i don't have time to make another. actually sewing time is rare around here. i plan on including some fun goodies. i wish i could deliver this swap package in person. i'll give you a hint. it's travelling out of the country. off this continent no less. lucky package.

the flip side

now for the "decisions" part of the post.

as usual, i'm having conflict in my life. inner conflict. homeschooling/mommy me is warring with crafty/quilty me. i have such a desire to create and sew right now. i'm bursting with ideas. but i can't. not to the extent i want to. there is a tiny, little, itty-bitty part of me that would love to send my kids to school just so i could sew and keep a tidy house. but the larger, more rational side of me realizes that my kids need me right now and that i really want to be here for them while they are growing up. i want to raise my children in the way we see fit. not the government. so once again, it's all about priorities and balance.

the other decision is about this blog. it's been horribly neglected. i wouldn't be surprised if i don't have any followers left. i want to continue. so i'm saying it right here: i'm challenging myself to post everyday until the end of october. you heard me. hold me to it.

so, see you tomorrow friends.


upstateLisa said...

I'm following! and I know what you are saying about that delicate balance between kids and craft. Tough to keep. I wish I was your partner! I loooove that number fabric!!! any idea what it is??? keep blogging!

Rachel said...

I love your blog!! :) Since I read in a blog reader, I have no idea if you are blogging often or sporadically. :) So it's all good to me. I cannot remember right now how old your kids are, but what about setting up chucks of time where they do independent school work so you can have time to sew. Just because they are home with you doesn't mean you have to be on top of them all the time. Doing a little independent work will teach them a great skill for the workplace as well. Maybe do a half hour reading time, or find some educational websites online they could use. I think you will find that you both are getting great rewards out of having them become a little more independent in their learning. :) :)

mandy said...

I'm still following! I love your posts and your creations, you've always been a big inspiration to me! But I don't mean to pressure you, you're also a wonderful example of how important it is to keep our children first... so if that means disappointing me by neglecting your blog, then so be it!

I'm going through the whole "priorities" conflict myself. For example, I should be doing chores right now - or anything productive, really - but instead I'm sitting here on the internet. It's something I need to work on, but at least I'm much better off now that I've cut out tv! There's usually something we can let go of to make more time for what's more important to us... we just have to find out (or admit!) what that is. I hope you can figure it out and find the time to do all the things that are really important to you=)

By the way, LOVE the birdie!!! I'm so into those right now... I just may have to copy you=)

Vicki said...

I still follow and enjoy seeing what you're working on!

As far as homeschooling... you could always try school for a year... but you might not want to talk to me as I homeschooled for K-2nd for my oldest and then put him in school 2 years ago and haven't looked back. :0)

I'm kind of a twice a week blogger (sometimes 3), but I'm planning on blogging every day in November for NaBloPoMo :). I did it last year, and made it even though dh and I went on a cruise that month. It was a fun challenge.

Molly said...

The time when our kids are young and need us goes so quickly. I hope you are able to carve out some time for yourself.

And if you aren't able to post often I know where to find you on flickr :-)

I already said it on flickr but I love that little bird! It makes me want to make some more birds.

Alex said...

I follow you ;)
Maybe I should join you in your little challenge of daily posting for my personal blog. Do you want company?
This year I am finding that I am having a hard time fitting running with our school work because I do school work with Celeste first thing in the morning, when I used to run. So I need to juggle things up a bit too!

Meg said...

I'm still here! I think Mondo is fabulous! He's totally my favorite on PR this season. You know, I didn't really know about mug rugs until the last couple of weeks, either. I even went so far as to Google "What is a mug rug?" the other day!

I understand your conflict, and I'm not even a mama! I work a crazy schedule, and while my brain is always willing, sometimes the body just needs a nap. Thus began my stalled blog and craft production. You're not alone, and the blogging community is very forgiving.

Valerie said...

I'm still here :) Our families have to be our #1 priorities, I think we all understand, respect and admire that :)

(Of course, sending them to bed 20 minutes early for a date with the sewing machine is perfectly rational. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it)

Lindah said...

Good choice. The kids are with us for such a short time. Lots of quilting/etc time when they are gone. And we miss them. And wish they still were with us.

You're on my reader, so I don't miss a post.

Teresa said...

I love your're on my sidebar...always glad to see a post! I struggle with balance with my 13-yr-old daughter as well...and my two little part-time piddly jobs that I do because they are "flexible" and allow me to be there for my daughter and husband. HA! The only one I'm usually not "there" for is ME!!! I'm trying harder not to be a 'smother mother,' and I promote independent activities, which is easier to do with a 13-yr-old than younger kids. It's really hard sometimes! Don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing GREAT!

I love the bird/house mug rug...are you going to bind, or put right sides together, stitch, turn and close? WONDERFUL birdy!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Tine said...

I'm following! And - this weekend excepted - I'll blog with you every day!! We can do it Sarah!!
And - on a much more importnat note - you are such a great mom! You are doing what you know to be best for your family :) Keep it up! You are doing such a great job!

Heidi said...

still here and enjoying your posts :-)

Tonya R said...

love the Mondo bird - those thick striped legs are a hoot, as is the original Mondo. I adore him - definitely the one I'm rooting for. I look forward to your posts!

Natalie said...

I recognize your struggle. Appreciating your journey helps me with my own, so thank you for being forthright, for sharing.