Sunday, September 26, 2010

look at me! day 4 and i'm still blogging ; )

remember how the mommy/homeschool side of me was warring with the crafty side? i know i can't change the number of hours in a day, but i should prioritize my commitments and time for myself. and for the most part, that isn't the problem. the warring comes in because of the use of my "prime hours." by prime hours i mean the time where your really charged up and are really productive. are you a night person or a morning person? i'm kinda both. i love getting stuff done in the morning and the evening. but that is when my family needs me the most. the afternoons are when i have some time to sew, but by then i don't really want too. the warring comes in because i would love to sew in the morning, but i know i couldn't homeschool my best in the afternoon. there are two things i'm doing to help remedy this. first, i started drinking tea for the caffine boost. this is a big deal because i really don't like soda, coffee or tea. but i decided on tea because i thought it was the healthiest choice. second, i'm trying to go to bed earlier. still working on that one. so hopefully i can start using some of those afternoon hours for sewing.

as it is now i sew mostly on the weekends. here is what i sewed yesterday.

field bag

it was in my to do sewing pile. not the someday sewing pile which is actually just ideas for future sewing projects. the to do pile is full of projects that are already started or piles of fabric set aside for a certain project (i try not to make too many of these piles). this robot fabric has been sitting on my cutting table for awhile. it's from calamity kim, and i knew right away what i wanted to make with it. a field bag! a field bag for our nature study and tree study. a bag to carry our sketchbooks, field guides, pencils, notebooks etc.


not only did the fabric pile get off my cutting table, but that pile of books is off my dresser. now i need to get some new sketchbooks and also put together our tree notebooks.

you didn't know this was going to turn into a homeschooling post did you? sewing and homeschooling in the same post!

just through every day observation my children have learned to identify almost every bird that comes to our backyard. that's somewhere around 30 birds! they are beginning to identify the bird calls now. i started an informal study of the trees in our area, but this year we will do a more formal tree study. it will probably last longer than this school year. that way we will learn many trees and also learn what they look like in all seasons.

see you tomorrow!


thanks for all the wonderful comments you have been leaving! i don't get to reply to them all, but i do enjoy them all. well, not the comments from some asian porn site. but i don't publish those ; )


and on a completely different note, have any of you watched bbc's north and south? oh. my. it is wonderful! it's a mini series with four one hour episodes. i made the mistake of starting it at 10pm last night. i know. that doesn't jive with going to bed earlier. well, it was so good, i watched all four hours! i didn't go to bed until 2. which really doesn't jive with going to bed early. and now today, i'm trying to figure out when i can watch it again. oh my.


Alex said...

I love how you are sharing so much more on here now!
I think I have watched that show, my friend Carol had suggested it a while back. I will have to double check on that.
I have said it before, but I really like that robot bag, those little robots make me smile ;)

Teresa said...

Congrats on 4 days of blogging! Not easy with your schedule, I'm sure. I may try to post every day in November, which I think some bloggers are trying to do. This will be the 3rd year my 13-yr-old daughter will take the November novel-writing challenge (National Novel Writing Month, or some abbreviation of that). The goal is a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, which she has done twice now.

If she can do that, the least I can do is post my nonsense every day in November...

I love the bag!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

nettie said...

I LOVE North and South. It is sooo good. I watch it all the time while I sew. It is as good as pride and prejudice. In some ways I like it better, it seems more real.