Monday, September 27, 2010

day 5

of blogging.

new fabric

i found this great black and white print at joann's the other day when i was picking out a fabric for something else. doesn't that always happen? i'm always on the look out for a good black and white. among other things. this is by heidi grace. the white is more of a dirty white and not a true white. and i'm trying to ignore the tiny colored birds in some of the cages.

part of today's math

look, homeschooling stuff again. see, i lure you in with fabrics, sewing and quilting, but then i stick you with some homeschooling stuff in the end.

this was part of marguerite's math today. i use mep for her. mep is a free, downloadable math program. i love it. and i love it for marguerite too. if i had found it sooner, i would have used it for zach's math too. as it is, i'm supplementing just a tiny bit of mep with zach's math. i'll save zach's math for another post. did you just groan?

one of the reasons i like mep is because it approaches math ideas from many angles. if you are learning about addition, there aren't just straight addition problems. it's designed to make the student think. not just plug numbers into an equation. it also starts "hinting" toward new ideas way before they are fully presented in the lessons. for example, marguerite hasn't really done any division and just some multiplication. but this was one of the "board" problems for today. it's taking a number and dividing it in halves, then thirds, then fourths. but there was no mention of dividing. it also gets the brain thinking about fractions.

anyway, geeky, mathy me loves things like this.


hi stephanie, michelle, katie and jill (let's see who's reading)


MichelleB said...

I'm pretty sure that you're not talking to me, Michelle. But I'm going to say hi back anyway! lol

Alex said...

I am reading this too!!
You told me about mep before, it does look great! So far, Celeste is loving Miquon.

Sarah said...

stephanie, michelle, katie and jill are my friends here in town. friends that know that i blog. i don't tell many people.

amandajean said...

hi sarah, i'm reading, too!

i tried to be a closet blogger (way back in the beginning) and my husband told LOTS of people. i was so embarassed. but now it's so ingrained in my life that i think EVERYBODY in my life knows about it. they all know i'm crazy. the secret's out. what are you going to do?

Natalie said...

Like the fabric, like the math.
I guess I am easy to please. No groaning from me.

Cristin said...

Too funny! I'm literally walking out the door to go to Joanns I'll have to look for that print! Love it! :-)

True Blue Nana said...

I love geeky math too. Of course taught math for 35 years. My students used to laugh at me because I would get so excited about math.