Friday, February 12, 2010


ever wonder what i look like? ever follow someone's blog or flickrstream and get a picture in your head what you think they look like? and then finally see a picture and think "you don't look anything like i thought you would!"

it's good to put faces with names!

7::52 fridays

a few online quilty friends started a self portrait challenge. once a week take a picture of yourself (or a gazillion hoping to find a decent one - hee) and post it on friday. the purpose is to get used to seeing ourselves. so many of us don't take pictures of ourselves. i want to get used to seeing me (because right now, i find it kind of shocking - i look like that?!) and appreciate what i see. i'm working on it. hopefully by the end of the year, i wont be shocked. i might even like what i see.

ps i'm trying to be better about posting to the blog. why do i make it a chore? it doesn't have to be.

big dorky waves to my friends! hi stephanie! hi katie! hi michelle!


Natalie said...

Nice to see you.
Love your glasses.
And your haircut.
I know what you mean about seeing ourselves, getting used to it. Posting self-pics does not come naturally.
Do it again!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

You look great! I have a gameboy playing boy in my backseat too.

Florida mom said...

Hi Sarah, just wait untill you are my age. Then it gets really scary to look in the mirror, especially one of those magnifying ones. :-) Who is that old woman looking back at me???

Tina said...

Happy to see who made me that angel wonky house quilt :). You are brave, glad you posted a picture of yourself. I think I've only done that once.

Molly said...

You are adorable! Love your glasses, too!

Vicki W said...

I "collect" glasses. I current have 7 pair of prescription glasses and I feel like I need to add yours to the collection - I love them!

Vicki said...

Hi Sarah! You look great! I think your hair is longer in this photo than in most pictures I've seen of you.

9patchnurse said...

Hmm. Not a bad idea. I'll give it some thought. BTW, I have the exact same glasses as you!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

What a great idea. ;o)


It's nice to see who makes all these lovely things!!! I can see more" you "now when I look at your work. That is a special thing... Love your doggies! Happy vslentines day!