Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day!

awoke to a house decorated by marguerite

later marguerite sewed together the hearts she cut out last night

paper heart garland

the doggies were sharing their love on this day

doggie valentines

i worked on calamity kim's row for row10 (gnomes!)

gnome mushroom house

we had a wonderful dinner

valentine's day dinner

and ate dessert

valentine's day dessert

and you? how did you celebrate this day of love?


Helen said...

I had the worlds best coffee and then a swim in a waterfall pool miles from anywhere! (blogged!) Your day looks just as good!

Anonymous said...
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Helen in the UK said...

Just found your blog through a link on Lazy Gal's site. WOW - you do the most stunning liberated quilts, and lots of houses which I adore!!! Thanks for all the eye candy - will check back again :)