Monday, May 18, 2009

my weekend in review

new outfit

  • sewed another lazy days skirt and a snoopy applique onto a shirt for marguerite
  • took the kids to visit my mom for the day on friday. we had lunch, went to a quilt shop (where i bought nothing!) and to the beach.
  • sewed 20 out of 36 quilt blocks for my picnic quilt (remember those fabrics from wordless wednesday?)
  • ran some errands
  • went out with billy for a quicky dinner and then to see startrek - good movie!
  • stayed up too late
  • slept in
  • enjoyed a peaceful house while billy took the kids out for awhile on sunday
  • tidied my house (notice i didn't say clean) so i can start the week off right
  • watched the season finale of survivor - don't you judge me!

hope you had a good one!

picnic quilt started


Jackie said...

Cute skirt, but you bought nothing at the quilt shop????

Trisha said...

I love Survivor and I love how it turned out! Your quilt is looking pretty. I love the cheerful colors.

Not Lucy said...

If I were to judge you I would beside you in the jail cell! Loved the finale!

gwensmom said...

How did you get out of a quilt shop without buying anything? and please get that girl some shoes that fit ;)

amandajean said...

sounds like a great weekend! LOVE your quilt blocks.

Magpie Sue said...

What a happy quilt that's going to be! I'm loving how it looks :- )

Jantine said...

The skirt is nice, the quilt even more and the little girl most ;-).

Lori said...

what a great outfit! and i love the way the quilt is coming along. :^)

Carol E. said...

Can you tell me about how long you make the skirt and what size waist? I downloaded the pattern, and want to make some, roughly your daughter's size. (and if you can tell me her age, that would be great, too, so I can tell people approximately what size I made the skirt)