Friday, October 3, 2008

while I was away....

I received two packages! yippee!

The first was a box of fabric from craftyturtle's mom. She had gone through her stash and passed on some to me. When I pulled the wrapping off the box, the kids were quite disappointed to know that it wasn't a big box of cheezits. Ha! I've known craftyturtle since high school, and her mom has "adopted" me as another daughter. Aren't moms great?

box o' fabric

Here are a few of my favorites. Look! Another Snoopy/Peanuts print! yay!

from the box o' fabric

I've been collecting Snoopy fabrics for Marguerite's quilt for Christmas.


Thanks Craftyturtle's mom! (name omitted to protect the innocent) : )

The other package that arrived was from SheltonDHW from Knitting after Hours. She had made a lovely sewing machine cover that didn't fit her machine. Oops for her - yay for me! I happened to be at the right place at the right time when she offered it up on flickr. It fits my machine well. It was a little tall, so I just tucked it under a bit. Perfect!


As you can see, my machine was in need of a cover.


On another note, we had a few new avian visitors to our backyard. Grey Catbirds. A new species for our list. The kids and I keep a running tab of all the birds we have seen in our backyard. I think the list is pretty impressive (maybe I'm wrong). Zach and I are pretty good at identifying birds, so when an unexpected guest arrives, we notice right away. I never got a job that utilizes my wildlife ecology degree, but it is sure handy teaching and discovering the world around us with our children.



LauraJ said...

that's the BEST reason to have that degree! Start at home. :D
love your peanuts prints...i was thinking of that yesterday at fabricshopilovetogoto but then i got sidetracked by a colour i had to find. guess i'll be going back at the end of the month to find them peanuts fabrics!

upstateLisa said...

great list of birds!!! lucky you to have that sewing machine cover!!!

amandajean said...

that sewing machine cover is fab! I love polka dots. and the word sew in the mix is spectacular!

Squawkfox said...

Ohh My! I have the EXACT same sewing machine as you! I can't believe it. I've had my antique for eons. How do you manage all your sewing projects with such a "classic" machine? I can barely remember how to thread it each time. :D