Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it's too late for capital letters

ok, i couldn't wait to post pictures of my new fabric. we found two nice quilt shops in huntsville, al. i went a little overboard, but i'm justifying by knowing that i wont get to a quilt store in the next several months. do i really have to justify buying fabric? nah! i did need some more greens. polka dot estates ate up a lot of my greens.

new fabric

i also need a few christmas fabrics for some up coming projects.

new fabric

i'm always on the look out for good aquas, and this neutral will be perfect for the four way swap i'm working on with laurajay, lucyellen06 and calamity kim. those last two colorful pieces will stretch me. have you ever noticed that i almost always buy tone on tone/monochromatic fabrics? it's just the way i am.

new fabric

and this last bit, just because. ever find a fabric that you want to buy the whole bolt and decorate everything in sight with it? that print on the far right just makes me swoon.

new fabric

and that's the end of my shopping adventure. i also bought a aqua corduroy and a snoopy print for marguerite's christmas quilt.

on a side note, i'm so quick to post on flickr and slow to post on the blog. but i started thinking that some of you don't love flickr as much as i do, and you might never see the fabric i bought unless i share it here. so there you have it!


The Jen said...



lej619 said...

Hi i love the fabrics that you choose!
did not know you stated a blog
i'll have to start reading it.
love your pictures and your mini quilts!

gwensmom said...

Ooooooooh they are all lovely! I love that Christmas polka dot and all those wonderful greens.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

No need to justify here! Looks like a bunch of great finds :)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, wonderful fabrics - yummy.

upstateLisa said...

oooo! great fabrics! I don't think I had noticed that tone-on-tone thing going. Hmmmmm... have fun with those new fabrics!

Lucette said...

Wonderful choices. I really like the green ones.

Nancy said...

I am "green" with envy over your new fabrics. I have seen a couple of the ones in the third picture. I like using polka dots too.

amandajean said...






it feels good to add to the stash, doesn't it?

Mary said...

I LOVE those greens!

Helen said...

Ohhhhhh Sarah! Your fabric tasta and mine is sooooo similar its spooky! I have a few of those yummy prints as well! mmmmmm! Happy sewing!

belinda said...

i'm sorry.....i just had to have another look at this fabric.....i LOVE each and every piece

Andrea said...

What fabulous fabric to add to your stash! And the sunset photo from your trip...STUNNING!!!

CAB said...

Just curious - when you buy fabrics like you did here, how much do you buy of each?