Wednesday, September 17, 2008

slow movin'

I was reading a new-to-me blog today. Lucky Duck Day. We are actually starting with 13 others on a new quilting adventure. You know the kind. We each are assigned a month and the rest of us make a block for that person in the style that they choose. Our group is called Sew Connected. Feel free to follow us along on flickr. The fun begins next month. I'm a little nervous. I am signing up for a 15 month commitment! eek! I'm feeling overwhelmed with what I have to do at the moment, so I just need to keep reminding myself that it is just one block a month, just one block a month, just one block a month.....breathe.

So, back to Lucky Duck Day, her post today was about finding balance between computer time and the rest of her time. This is something that I struggle with. It would be one thing if I was spending productive time on the computer. But no, my friends, I spend about 15 minutes of productive time and then fart away minutes and sometimes hours (spread through out the day) on the computer. Eeek!

And it's not that I'm am only wasting time. I feel slightly in a fog after spending too much time on the computer. I wander around trying to get myself in gear. That is not a good way to start the morning. It's like shooting myself in the foot if I want to have a productive day. Ugh!

slow movin'
this is my brain after spending too much time on the computer

I need to be more diligent with my time. If I spent as much time on cleaning my house as I spend on the computer, my house would be spotless. If I spent as much time on sewing /quilting, I would be able to work on more of the ideas I have in my head. But you know what it is? It's easy to plop my rear in front of the computer. It takes more effort to clean or sew or whatever.

So, here's to change! I'm going to make an effort to use my time more constructively! How about you? Ready to join me?

***and the irony of it all: i'm on the computer writing a blog post about not spending so much time on the computer! ha!


Doris said...

Oh, Sarah, I feel your's always a struggle to find balance. Have fun with the quilting groupd, sounds like a blast!

amandajean said...

I call that "bloggy brain". I am all too familiar with it. it's sooooooo hard some days to find that balance. one thing that has helped me is taking a break from the computer on the weekend. like last weekend I shut off the computer late friday and didn't touch it until Monday morning. I don't have that kind of resolve every weekend. but it's nice when I do it.

upstateLisa said...

Great post! Yes, I do that sometime! I look up to find that I have just spent over an hour reading blogs!!! Now I wouldn't say that i am wasting time since I get ideas and inspiration but I could have been actually doing what I had planned to do! Some days are just more balanced than others. Kinda like my diet! :-)

belinda said...

Oh my....have you been reading my mind??? I have been mulling this very "problem" over in my head. It's the same way with me. Lately I have been just turning my computer completely OFF. I am going to have to set myself some ground rules....I have and I'm doing better!!!

Pat said...

Oh, my...add ME to this list of gals with the same problem. I do find a lot of good info online, but I do need to lessen the amount of time I spend doing this. Several times a week I remind myself how much more cleaning, cooking, sewing/quilting, book-reading, etc. I could have gotten done if I had spent less time on the computer. I give myself a lecture but rarely do I listen to myself. *sigh* I was going to suggest we start an online help/support group for folks with this problem, BUT...I suspect we'd all then spend even MORE time online trying to "help" each other and ourselves!!! LOL

Fran said...

I'm just the opposite. I find that I can't find the time for the computer.

Not that I'm any better than the rest of you, it's just that I just don't get down here to the computer room but once a day. Then it's only for an hour or so while I'm eating my supper.
Tonight is a bit different. I had a church meeting and when I got home I decided that since there was nothing pressing I would "surf" the blogs.
I do get very good ideas from all of you and I thank you. I've got to soon and get ready for my quilting group tomorrow at
10:am . I need to put all my "stuff" together so that I don't get there and find that I've forgoten to pack the rotary cutter or God forbid the quilt. EH! It wouldn't be the first time. I've done it.(*LOL*)

I wish you luck with your dilema, hope you find an answer soon.


Tine said...

I'm with you! How about making a timelimit for ourselves, I know this is what we do for the kids, but hey, it works!!! So obviously we can do actual work on the computer, but fun stuff is limited to a certain amount of time every day?! What do you think?

Meg said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one losing part of her day to Blogland!

Now that I've been on the computer for close to an hour, it's time to go put some laundry in!

jacquie said...

with company here all week and the regular busy day i opened my reader today to over 300 posts to read. am i nuts or what. i have trouble finding that balance too especially when my routine is topsy turvey. help!

Tamara said...

Hi There, I have just joined the Mini Quilt swap...just dropping in to say HI! I will be back, T x

Lynn said...

I hear you! I get off the computer at dinner time and then think, I could have been sewing!!!

Kicsoda said...

Sarah, this is my brain, when my kids wake me up before 8 (which means almost every morning) and computer cannot make bigger damage:-))))
I love this monthly challenges, cannot wait to see what you come up! Your houses put my expectations very high;-) no pressure:-DDD

LauraJ said...

Yup me too I'm having this problem. Wasting hours and hours on the computer and not enough doing around the house. I need to learn to unplug the computer and plug into life. I just don't know how! I understand that foggy weird feeling too!