Monday, August 18, 2008


Last week, I received my mini quilt swap from Sodeste/Tine in Denmark. Look! Look!

july mini quilt swap

Isn't it wonderful! She also sent lots of goodies: stickers and cupcake toppers for Marguerite and coins for Zach. They were thrilled that they were getting something too!

Here is what I sent to her:

July mini quilt swap

The colors were so bright (pink and orange) and the black border so stark that I couldn't get a good picture. Tine has a good one on her blog. I sent a few stickers for her daughter and some I Spy fabrics for her son's I Spy quilt. The quilt was based on a quilt in the book "Glorious Patchwork" by Kaffe Fassett.

Now look at this beauty! It is my doll quilt swap 4 quilt from fairbanksfancygoods. I love it! Isn't it wonderful! I can tell that she put a lot of thought and effort into making such a lovely quilt. There are three dimensional elements (tulle, wired poms, applique, flanges, and dimensional folded flowers). I love it!

doll quilt swap 4

more pictures on flickr! (of course)

I have two big things to prepare for this week:
1. Billy is going in Wednesday for hip replacement surgery. Please pray for us and especially for him.

2. There is a tropical storm/potential hurricane heading towards us. As of now, it is suppose to be over our area the same time as Billy's surgery. Hopefully, the path and strength will change. It usually does.

***I hope you all are well. And I want to thank you for all the nice comments you guys leave for me. Being a not-so-enlightened-blogger, how did you find me? am I bookmarked in your favorites? linked on your blog? Some of you are so faithful to leave comments, I feel a little ashamed for not being better at reciprocating. Please know that it truly means a lot to me!

***I started a new flickr group called Collaborative Quilting. A place to show quilts inspired by the book "Collaborative Quilting" by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. We'll talk about the book and even have a few swaps/challenges etc. You don't need to own the book to join. Come on by!


Vicki said...

Well, I "knew" you on flickr first and then found your blog by looking at your flickr pics. I put your feed into my google reader so I get notified when you update.

I really like your quilting style and am glad I found your blog.

Tine said...

I'm so glad you like the mini-quilt! I am constanly looking at the one you sent me, it's so beautiful. The kids and I are spending a few days at my parents house, and I brought my new mini-quilt with me, I love it that much!
The dollquilt you recieved is gorgeous!!
I have the blogs I read in GoogleReader! Saves sooooo much time!

Cher said...

lovely swap quilts...they rock. you are part of liberated quilters ring, I just click through reading-love the new flickr group idea...I am a huge fan of those quilters/book. I hope the surgery goes well and the storm does little damage!

Helen said...

Its all happening in your house Sarah! Love, love, love the green and orange churn quilt in the last post! And the quilts you have received! Stunning! Lucky girl. :) Hope all goes well for tomorrow for Billy. FYI, you are in my bloglines feed. x

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I found you! More important is that I did..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! I think you found me first :0)
I hope the surgery went well and that the storm hasn't been wild for you all.
I love the quilts you've recently received ! What gems ! And I love love the little mini you sent out. I've been musing on that pattern recently.
Well, off to sew for people we know ! :0)

LauraJ said...

Hi dear! I'm glad B got through his surgery and I hope he's on the mend and going home soon! I look forward to the new group so very much!!
I do'nt know how I found your blog but I know how I found you! Through flickr and your awesome sewing skills!!

upstateLisa said...

Great little quilts, as always! How is the weather? I have been thinking of you! Hope hubby's surgery goes as planned!