Friday, August 15, 2008

churn dashed!

liberated churn dash

the quilt is finished and on its way! to you? or you?

more pictures on flickr.

Last Sunday, Marguerite and I went down to Central Florida to visit craftyturtle's parents. A friend of theirs is a retired teacher who gave her "school stuff" to them. Craftyturtle is a middle school science teacher, and the retiree thought crafty could use the "stuff". She had a lot of stuff, so they offered me a chance to go through and pick what i want for our homeschooling. Yay! Look at all the good stuff we got!

teacher hand me downs

teacher hand me downs

more pictures on you-know-where!

on another note....a pet peeve. I enjoy reading a lot. But I do not enjoy reading books that have a child as the main character. Let me tell you why! If a child were to write a book or dictate a book to someone, it would not sound like anything you would want to read. For example, I started (and stopped) a book last night that had a seven year old girl for the main character. I have a seven year old girl. The character's thoughts and speech sounded like a mature adult. My child doesn't sound like a mature adult, and I don't expect her to. She is a child! I have only read maybe one or two books that have a child as the main character and they sound appropriate.

ok, rant over!


Vicki said...

Great work on the quilt!

Tine said...

That quilt is absolutely stunning! I love it so much!!!
The schoolstuff is great, I love that bone-stamps book :-)
What book was it??

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fun, fun quilt - you did a great job. Oooh, those skeleton stamps are way cool.

Jacquie said...

absolutely stunning! you continually amaze me with your skills and creativity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on Flickr. I am glad I found your blog, it looks great, so will have to go back through your archives.

Kristen is a friend of mine, so I've been watching her finish her "Night at the Improv" this summer and met her down at the quilt show yesterday in the 104 degree heat!! It is a great quilt!!

Merr said...

Hey Krommama,

Is that two m's in the middle or not? Just wanted to say I think your site is LOVELY. Bright, crazy, creative, and just wow! I think you have a heap of decorative talent: Sewing talent, card talent and so forth and sew on. Har de har har. Like my joke? Anyhoo, I wanted to comment on your child-book problem. Have you given Beverly Cleary a try? I happen to love her stuff. I find that it rings true and remember feeling those feelings, and see them in my children sometimes too. We own verrry few movies and CD's, but I own all the Ramona books on audio. You may hate them, but I like them and it would be worth reading one to see what you all think. A hug and warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk, Merr

susan said...

i just adore how your dqs4 turned out! i need to make something with green and orange now.
nice that you got to go thru the goodies!

TLC said...

Love your wonky churn dash quilt! So cute!

Cher said...

lovely quilt...I would love to receive such a one :-)