Monday, July 21, 2008

my how the time flies!

The summer is passing so fast! I can't keep up! A few things have been put to the side these past few weeks. Blogging, reading blogs, flickring, sewing. We are still doing school a few days a week, and we will be for a few more weeks. I've also been going to the gym, mowing (and mowing and mowing) the yard, walking the dog. The kids and I are enjoying catching up with friends this summer - going to friends' pools, visiting the springs with other friends and lots of play. But it will all calm down in a few weeks. We will take a few weeks off, and then we will start school in September. It will be here in a blink of an eye.

All that to say....I have missed you friends! And I have a few things to share with you:

1. Look what the fabulous Calamity Kim sent me! just because!

from Calamity Kim!

fun stuff!

from Calamity Kim

and even more fun stuff! Thanks Kim!

from Calamity Kim

2. I've been in the card making mood lately. A friend and I get together every Monday night at her home. We play scrabble or we make cards. Lately we've been making cards. Here are a few. I'm not showing some because they will be sent to you or you or you...

summery cards

3. I did a tiny bit of sewing. One of Marguerite's friends had a cowgirl birthday party with pony rides! I made a kidlet (free pattern provided by JC handmade) for the birthday cowgirl and tucked a few books inside for her gift. I plan on making more of these for my nephews' birthday presents. I used bottomweight material plus stiff interfacing and it holds it shape well.

cowgirl kidlet


Lynn said...

What fun that you get together with a friend and make cards! I have knit buddies. But something like cards would be fun.
Kim is great.

LauraJ said...

That Kim, that Kim. She's a keeper that Kim! You are so missed!! Glad you are enjoying the summer!!

upstateLisa said...

Love all the great colors, Sarah!!! Sounds like you are having a great summer so far!!! It sure is flying by quickly! I will have to try that kidlet!

jmbmommy said...

Cute stuff...I like the card/scrabble night with friends, good idea!

Tine said...

what a great gift from Kim! I love the idea of making a kidlet and putting little presents in it! And the one you made is gorgeous....

Summer is passing very quilckly here too :-(

(did you get my flickrmail about the mini-swap? I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you!)

belinda said...

oooooo......I spy the 1971 cloth it!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like quite a montage of weirdo fabrics from here- I just went through and looked for yardage that I had a lot of and tried to give you and Laura and Lucinda the same stuff. I am sorry if you can't use it or think its crazy- feel free to pass it on to someone else-