Wednesday, July 30, 2008

look what kayakknitter sent me!

and what took me forever to blog about! sorry mia!

june mini quilt

bonus mini quilt

Aren't these wonderful! Kayakknitter and I were partners for the June mini quilt swap. And she was kind enough to send me two. They are both wonderful and so tiny. Thanks Mia! Here is what I sent her:

"starbursts" get it? starbursts?!

Remember the frogs? Now we have baby Monarch caterpillars. We have a milkweed plant right outside our sliding glass door to the backyard. It is supposed to attract hummingbirds to the hummingbird feeder that is hanging above it. Which is does - yay! But it also attracts Monarch butterflies. We have had this plant for three years, and we have had caterpillars each year. They chew it to the ground, and it just keeps growing back. Gotta love a plant like that. We are able to see the butterflies lay the eggs, watch the eggs, and watch the caterpillars grow. We have only found a few cocoons over these past few years, and we were able to watch one hatch once. It was a little tramatic because a wasp came along and stung it to death.

the very hungry caterpillar


LauraJ said...

re:the wasp-jerk!
i find nature so fascinating!
such pretty quilties you got!
I miss you! I am happy you're having a wonderful summer!!

SuperMomPreneur said...

I love that picture! It's like a cartoon caterpillar, or the hungry caterpillar. My son is going to love it. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see a beautiful butterfly one day!


upstateLisa said...

love your goodies you got! and your starbust mini! we have had caterpillars turned monarchs before. It so fascinating to watch!!!

Jacquie said...

all these quilts are so wonderful...i sure have missed participating...i hope things settle down here a bit so i can do the mini swap again.