Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OK ladies and gent!

Now that you have been assigned your Doll Quilt Swap 4 partner, it is time for some research. Did your partner say anything about likes and dislikes in the information provided by your swap mama? No? What are you going to make? Where will you start? Feel a little paralized? I know that feeling. Follow these steps carefully:

1. Search through your partner's flickr photos. Do a thorough search. Don't stop at the first quilt pic you see. You might find a picture of a fish quilt (nothing wrong with fish quilts). "yay" you think! but wait! was she making that for herself or was it for her boss who loves fish?

2. Look at your partner's flickr favorites. Again take into consideration that there might be multiple reasons for a fav. Maybe your partner faved a star wars quilt. Now think....do you think she wants a star wars quilt? or might there be a star wars loving child in her life?

3. Have a look through her blog. You will find some good clues there.

4. Spend some time in the Doll Quilt Swap flickr discussion threads. Their might be a thread of likes and dislikes.

5. Look through the pictures in the Doll Quilt Swap flickr pool. You partner might have left a comment on a pic saying "this is the one for me!"

6. And after all that research, and with your newly gained insights into your partner's preferences, come up with a quilt that you will enjoy making. Yes, the quilt is for your partner, but the process is for you! Enjoy it!

And one last important step!
7. The swap member who is making your quilt might like to have an insight in your likes and dislikes. So go add some "clues" on your flickr. Leave comments in discussions and on photos. Fav a few pictures. Write a short little blog post of your quilting tastes.

Wha?! Me?! Hopefully my partner can tell what I like. I gave a long list of likes, such as polka dots, wonky, traditional blocks, bright colors, 30 repros, orange and aqua. And a short list of dislikes, such as dark quilts. Do I expect to have my "demands" granted? No! I hope I don't get a quilt that incorporates all of my favorite things. It would be quite hideous all mixed together. But hopefully, my partner will have a good starting point to create a quilt that she enjoys making.

****Sorry jq for all the "her" this and "her" that. hope you understand*****

And because you always need a picture:

guess who's getting legs?

they are about the size of beans now and are sprouting tiny little legs. Don't strain your eyes, this is a picture from before they sprouted.


Tine said...

It is difficult to decide what to make, but I guess that's a good thing?! It just shows that we all really want to make something special for our swap-partner :-)

I was lucky to get lots of info in my email, so with that and the blog-info, I feel pretty well-informed....

Stacy said...

Thanks for all the tips. Surely we can come up with something good if we do a little research! Your a great "swap mama"!

I AM said...

You are SO the hostess with the mostest! This is a great blog post and wonderful tips!

disa said...

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