Sunday, June 22, 2008

chair makeover

I did a little spur of the moment sewing yesterday. We have these two metal chairs that I bought from the county school board surplus sale several years ago. I paid either $3 or $5 for each of them. I wanted to have them painted and recovered but never got around to doing it. We have been using them however. My husband hates that we were using them. The stuffing comes out, and the springs and metal parts poke you in the butt.

two metal school chairs - before

Well, my good friend craftyturtle sent me some fabric swatches a few months back. The swatches were the perfect size, and the edges were already finished. In less than an hour, I had sewn both of them. And while they are not perfect, they are 100% better than what they were.

two metal school chairs - after

A few other things to take care of:
1. I forgot to mention that I received my doll quilt from Sequana recently! There was a little address mixup, but all is well now. Marguerite has claimed it for her dollies already.

DQS3 - received!

2. I hope that I didn't come off as poopooing the quilts or quilters of quilt shows yesterday. That was not my intent. They make beautiful, precise quilts which take enormous amounts of time and effort and skill. What I was trying to convey is that quilt shows seem to embrace perfectionism when there is a large amount of quilts and quilters who will not be recognized by the typical quilt show. Quilts that have lots of character and beauty in there own right. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I don't think I'm expressing myself very well.

3. Julie, in response to the comment you left yesterday, Tonya from LazyGalQuilting left this comment for you:

Julie, if you're reading this, get in touch with me and I'll see if I can help out with the letters. that goes for everyone actually. One thing that would help is practise. just keep making letters and you'll get better and better at it. I'll happily take any letters you're not happy.

And I (sarah) will add, that before I sew things I have to have it exactly how I want it in my head. Sometimes I draw a picture or two first to see in what order to construct it. And if you look, my letters are not all the same size. They aren't hugely different, but not equal either.


Tine said...

Love the chairs! And they look so pretty in their new "clothes".

I'm with you on the quilt-show thoughts.

Hoffrooe said...

I like the chairs. It always feels good to make something for your home for hardly any cost. It feels like you really accomplished something.

As for quilt shows, I connect with what you are saying because I aspire to make really great quilts but I don't think they will ever be quilt show material. Luckily we have flickr's quilts and quilting group to supply us with plenty of beauty and inspiration.

Sequana said...

I'm SO glad it finally got there, and it's being so nicely used. *S*

btw...the chairs look great now.

Helen said...

What a lovely quilt from Sequana! Lucky you!! I get what you said in your last post too about "perfect" quilting. ;)

This is where said...

Yay! the fabric has found a new purpose - to protect your butt from getting poked! hooray!

p.s. They look great btw!

calamity kim said...

hey, I checked The Gwen Marston book- Liberated Quiltmaking out from the library!!!! yeehaw!!! Its mine for 3 weeks! yeehaw!