Saturday, April 5, 2008

bathtime at the house of krom

my daughter took the first outside bath of the season


One of the previous owners of our house was a plumber. And he liked to plumb. We have six outside spigots, an outside sink and an outside shower complete with hot and cold water.

It's been warm lately. In the 80's warm. Turn on the air conditioning warm. So we will get the pool in shape, and outside bathing has begun.

Since my swap duties have lessened, I was able to spend a few hours out in the back yard today. I raked and bagged 11 large leaf bags full from just our backyard. Whew! Then this evening, we stripped one of the grapefruit trees of its fruit to dispose. The trees are producing new fruit for this coming season, so it's time to get off the old fruit. Fruit drops everyday.

I went fabric shopping yesterday and today. I'll try to take a picture and post it for those who want to see.

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LauraJ said...

i forgot to comment ... sometimes i wash aaron outside in the kiddie pool in the summer. it's fun! he gets to play in water outside and i get a chore done at the same time. in 5 weeks i get to go kiddie pool shopping! i saw some nice ones at the store last week. we don't use it until the end of june though. they just sell out quickly. the one we had last year was too small for both of us. yes i sit in the water too. :D