Thursday, April 3, 2008

15 minutes of play....

resulted in a little liberated star.

little star

the star itself is 2.5" x 2.5"

Free piecing, liberated, play, creating, wonky - whatever you want to call it, really pleases me. For me, it is true creating. You think things through, try things out. I love it! The only down side I see to this way of quilt making is that your accuracy goes out the window.

I plan on making several more of these stars and using them in my Doll Quilt Swap 3 quilt. I'm planning a row quilt, with a row of houses, a row of trees, a row of stars, and a row of flowers. I think.


Helen said...

My accurracy goes out the window even when I'm trying to do "proper" blocks, love the wonky style I say!

Sarah said...

yeah, my accurracy is not to accurrate.

Anonymous said...

Sarah- I just found out, I just saw that the Doll Quilt Swap was on for round 3!!! I am soooo upset!:@ I didn't know! Nobody told me. I can't play. Nobody loves me....sad, poor little lonesome calamity....and now its raining. :C I emailed Tanaya to ask if there was anyone left who needed a swap! what a drag!

calamitykim said...

calamitykimdolls @

Tine said...

Great-looking star! But then, your work is beautiful -I know you from flickr :-)
Pre-blog life for both of us ;-)
LOL! I think I will give this wonky-style a try, it would be nice not to feel frustrated with myself for lack of measuring-skills!!
But when I have tried to do something like this, is always seems to use up quite a bit of fabric. Is that me doing something wrong? I wonder.....?!