Monday, October 3, 2011

sewing vacation

that would be a vacation to sew not a vacation from sewing.

we only take about 5 weeks off from school during the summer, so through out the year, we take a week off here and there and then a big chunk of time from thanksgiving until the new year.

i am terribly behind in my two swaps [beeff and the free piecing study]. so this week i'm sewing like a mad woman trying to catch up. actually this is the last month for both groups, so i'm hoping to finish everything. besides school, their is a lot on my plate right now. i'd like to get these finished and maybe put away my sewing machine for awhile. we'll see.

today i sewed some simple curtains for our family room and a simple scarf for marguerite. i might have to borrow it myself if i can convince myself that i'm a scarf wearing person.

i also sewed some star blocks for lynn for beeff.

beeff for lynn

i started off just cutting and sewing willy nilly. very wonky. hmmm, maybe i should measure my pieces first before sewing them. what a novel idea.

beeff for lynn

here are a few more that i actually took the time to measure before cutting my fabric.

think i need a few more wonky ones. i can't decide if i'm just a rebel, just a lazy butt or i just like variety. maybe a bit of all three?

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Molly said...

Aqua and orange makes me swoon--these are so cute as is Penny's head. :)