Sunday, August 7, 2011

quilted pillow

quilted cross pillow

a dear friend is turning 40, and her family gave her a surprise birthday party. i wanted to make her something special because she is a special friend.

quilted cross pillow - back

it was nice to work on a small project and be able to complete it so quickly. yay summer. we're starting school soon, and i will miss getting so much done.


i have never made a quilted pillow before, and i knew that the top would shrink once it was washed from all the quilting, so i zigzagged around the edge of the unbound top and washed and dried it. i'm glad i did! it shrank so much that i had to chance from a 20" pillow to an 18" pillow because it was just a tad smaller than i needed it to be.

quilted cross pillow - detail

18" x 18"
machine pieced, quilted and bound
with a simple, envelope opening in the back

newspaper gift bag

i didn't have a gift bag big enough, and there was no way i was wasting money on one either. so i stitched one up with my sewing machine and some newspaper. took me less than 10 minutes to make, and it was a hit at the party. a new way to recycle! yay!


LynneP said...

LOVE the pillow AND the stitched newspaper bag. Now I have new ideas percolating.

Anonymous said...

What a great pillow! And I think the bag is such a great idea! That opens up a world of possibilities!

Natalie said...

Reaching new heights of inspiration, that is You! I love the gift and the bag!

MB in MI said...

Like LynneP just said! Great gifts (& gift ideas!!)

mainer said...

The pillow is great but that bag is even better! Great idea.

Wanda said...

What a lovely pillow! The colors are stunning and such a fresh design :)
I know your friend will enjoy. ...and How about that gift wrap?! Inspiring!!

mary e said...

genius! you're a genius!! sewing up a newspaper gift bag is a genius idea. okay i think we know i think you are a creative genius. oh, and that pillow is lovely. the colors rock, love the green binding. and the gift bag. :>)

Nifty Quilts said...

Great pillow AND gift bag!!

duckyhouse said...

okay smartie pants that is super duper creative on the fly with the paper bag thingy and the pillow is absolutely gorgeous!! Yay!