Thursday, October 28, 2010

thankful thursday

halloween table
placemats from carol/mamacjt from last year
hot pad (we use it a milk jug mat every morning) from kristin/knitonequilttoo

i am thankful for...

- a family vacation to the beach soon.

- marguerite being on the mend. this cold will finally be done with our family!

- a working washer and dryer. nothing's been wrong in that department. i'm just thankful for them.

- only one more soccer game before the season is finished.

- beautiful weather, even though it's been hot. i'd take hot over cold any day.

- daydreams of future camping trips.

and you? what are you thankful for?


jlk said...

Those are the cutest placemats ever! I am grateful for the sunshine today, and that it will be slightly chilly in Halloween.

Natalie said...

High speed Internet.
This comfortable chair.
Fun blogs that inspire me.

Gari said...

I love, love, love the feet. That would make me laugh every time I came to the table.