Saturday, October 2, 2010

daily allotment


hello october
hello candy corn
even though candy corn was on the store shelves long ago,
i don't buy it until october
and then i dish a little out each day for each child
one child will eat them all in just a short time
even though she tries not to
one will savor them all day long
and hope that dad doesn't help himself


Sarah said...

i was wrong. marguerite is trying very hard to savor hers, and zach ate his in just a few minutes so dad wouldn't get any. : )

Alex said...

lol! kids always surprise us!

Gari said...

I do the same thing.....because of Weight Watcher's points.

Molly said...

This brings back memories...

Exactly 12 in each bowl--you are a good mom! ;-)