Tuesday, May 5, 2009

swap #2

Swap #2 is Doll Quilt Swap 6. There have been 6 rounds of Doll Quilt Swap, and I have done every single one of them. I was beginning to feel like this might be my last one, but nope! This was a fun round. I had a great partner on both ends! Sign me up for the next round.

Let me share with you why I like this swap so much.
1. The camaraderie is wonderful between all the swappers in the flickr pool and discussions.
2. It's sneaky. You know who you are sending too, but you don't know who is sending to you.
3. It feels like Christmas waiting to see who gets what.
4. It inspires me to create something new. It truly pushes me creatively.
5. And if you get a great quilt, especially the one you've had your eye on, it is like icing on the cake!

Amy is the one who sent to me. Look at this beauty! Amy is a sneaky one too! Did you know she is the wedge making queen? She and I were talking about our love of this quilt. And she drafted a paper pieced pattern and sent it to me to try. Then she starts making one for DQS6, and I'm thinking "whoever gets that is a lucky duck!" All the while she is making it for me. She even sends me an email saying "we should do a swap sometime". sneaky sneaky!

dqs6 from alobsiger

She also sent doggie pillowcases for the kids:

dqs6 from alobsiger

and a few great fabrics for me:

dqs6 from alobsiger

Thanks Amy! I love it!

Here is the quilt I made for Anita/RhubarbPatch. Another lover of houses. I knew I wanted to make houses. When do I not want to make houses? And I haven't tried row houses before. But I wasn't sure what fabrics to use. Then I started looking at pictures of row houses, and realized that it was just the colors I was seeing and the structural details. aha! I used all solids and solidish fabrics for the first time. And thought black doors and roofs would keep things simple and unified. Did you know you can hide all kinds of "mistakes" in prints, but you can't hide a thing in solids! Solids will amplify any quilting or piecing mistakes. yikes!

dqs6 - row houses

Here is the back. House fabric from joann's. And a leftover block for the label. Did you know I'm pretty lazy? Sad to admit. My mother still shakes her head at me sometimes. When I make a label, I usually write on a piece of fabric or extra block with a micron pen, heat set it, and piece it into the back. That way, when I'm done quilting and binding, the label is already done.

dqs6 - back

It was a pleasure to make this for you Anita, and I'm thrilled that you like it!



LUCKY ANITA! Love those houses! Like your use of solids on the houses...

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I enjoyed this post very much. Love the houses!

LauraJ said...

:) your work always makes me smile.
I'm rejoining round 7!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fun swap quilts. both are bright and happy. woohoo for the new fabric too.

Jackie said...

Amy is just so creative! I love that little quilt she made. You are one lucky gal. But so is Anita, I love the house quilt. But it looks like everyone is a winner, even the kids... Happy day!

Clare said...

Love the houses. So simple, but beautiful.

amandajean said...

what a great swap! i have never joined in a swap like this, but you sure make it sound appealing! i love the house fabric that you used on the back of your house quilt. and the quilt that you received is just gorgeous, too!

upstateLisa said...

Well aren't you a lucky duck!!!! It is a beauty!

belinda said...

Great post...and I LOVE the little quilts!!