Saturday, May 30, 2009

a busy week (and a swap)

Whew! It has been a busy week. I was working on finishing up some blocks for a couple of groups - SewConnected and 8two8. SewConnected is a block swap group started by John from Quilt Dad. It is such a popular group that there are three (or four?) of them. Each member of the group is assigned a month. When the member's month comes, he or she sends out some fabric with instructions on what kind of block is wanted. Next month is mine. Any guesses as to what block they will be making and what fabrics I will select for them? *waggling eyebrows*

Here is the block I made for Amy this month.

sewconnected - may - amy

The other block group in which I am participating is 8two8. This is a group started by LauraJay and I. There are eight of us. Again a person is assigned to each month, and she lets the rest of us know what kind of block she wants or what colors to use. We don't mail fabric in this swap. We use our own. The blocks of this group are 15.5" and we make two for each person. That makes it a quicker swap. Less people, more blocks, less months. Eight friends, two blocks each month, for eight months. With a potential to make a 60" square quilt when you have all your blocks.

Here is what I made for Beth this month.

8two8 - beth

8two8 - beth

I also made a placemat yesterday. I made it to get everyone excited about the placemat quilt swap I am hosting! (Does it make you excited?)

placemat quilt
16.5" x 11.5"
free pieced
machine pieced, quilted and bound

Signups are being held now until Saturday, June 6th. You all are welcome to sign up over there on flickr in the placemat quilt swap group (don't sign up here). But so you know, it will be a flickr thing more than a blog thing. So you need to have a flickr account. You can get one for free. All the other particulars are posted in the flickr group.

Gee, I should have titled this "Big ol' honkin' post". Have a great weekend. I think I'm going to make another placemat quilt.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

I love my block! I'm guessing we will be making houses, but not sure which fabric will be on it's way. . . fun! I'm going to check out your swap - what a fun idea!

True Blue Nana said...

Yes your placemat makes me excited. Your houses are always great. Do you just use thin batting in your placemats or something else?

melissa s. said...

what great swap blocks, your recipients are very lucky! i just signed up for the placemat swap, thanks for the invite!!

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Love it! I just signed up for the placemat swap. Sounds like fun!

LauraJ said...

I'm excited!!

Phyllis said...


this is my first visit and have bookmarked your blog to come back.

Your work is so happy! Are those wonky houses and blocks paper pieced or is there a pattern?