Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i'm making up my own meme as i go along today.

my favorite -
color - yellow
food - pizza (and don't go messing up my pizza with veggies either!)
vegetable - yellow squash or tomatoes
dessert - chocolate chip cookies with milk
drink - water or milk
tv show - at the moment Kath & Kim, but we watch a lot of tv
reality show - survivor, project runway
tv show that really shouldn't be watched, but i do - big brother (don't you judge me)
movie - enemy of the state (or shawshank redemption or grease)
children's movie - the muppet movie
child - just kidding
time of day - morning
season - spring
ice cream - i don't like ice cream. fooled you didn't i?
alcoholic beverage - i don't drink. fooled you again huh? i'm not high and mighty, i just don't like it.
form of caffeine - chocolate
celebrity i would like to meet - mike myers or bill nye
type of clothes to wear - my bathing suit. just kidding. shorts and t shirt (but a v neck, not a climbing up your throat shirt)

gee, i guess i wanted to talk about myself today. me me me

now let's hear about you!

but first, more me:
wonky scrapy i-spy log cabins
guess what i'm working on again?

and more me:
placemat quilt
and do you know what year this is? it's the year of the placemat. at least in my own little world. the placemat is the new doll quilt (again, at least in my little world).

ok, now we can talk about you. you start!

ps i cheated a little and looked at a few memes out there.
pps i owe laurajay a post about me (but different questions). it will come. i promise.


John said...

bill nye? like, the science guy??

Amy said...

Sarah, you had me at hello. Tell me something about yourself. :-) Actually, you had me grinning through the whole post. I like the year of the placemat. A placemat is just a small quilt with a true sense of purpose (whose tagline is that? I can't remember at the moment) and think of the fun one can have with that!

jenclair said...

Fun post--like Amy, I ended up grinning. Love the placemat/doll quilt.

Julie said...

ok so i have never done a meme but I am going to use your questions and my own answers on my blog.
so come on over and check it out.
ps I love your work.

True Blue Nana said...

I agree with you on the squash and tomatoes. I always love your wacky log cabins, so creative.

amandajean said...

i liked reading your meme. and i love your work.

Helen said...

Kath and Kim? I hope you mean the Aussie version not the BAD version made for the US. The Aussie girls are sooooo much more noice, unusual, different!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the house placemat...the colours are wonderful!

Lori said...

no *way* are you eating on that gorgeous mini-quilt, are you?!?! :^)

upstateLisa said...

You funny girl, you!!!!!

Clare said...

Bill Nye the actor - as in Love Actually - or someone else? If I'm correct then I'm definitely with you on that one. His voice sends tingles down my spine.

Great colours, and I'm not keen on ice cream either!

Amy said...

It's your blog after all - why shouldn't you talk about YOU. Nice getting to know you some.

woolywoman said...

i like how Peppermint Patty's face is in the little house.

CocoJ126 said...

I blogged you! Thank you so much for teaching me how to make wonky squares! I am so excited to have found you via Flicker while I was looking at quilt squares and wonky houses. I want to learn how to make those too.


Lisa said...

Love the little placemat turned doll quilt. LOL! :-)

Lisa (flickr lmdesign7)

Anonymous said...