Tuesday, November 11, 2008

four way swap ~ part three

Calamity Kim and me

We are home from our vacation on the beach! Did you miss me? I missed you! I have a few other posts about the trip I want to share with you, but first....guess who I had the pleasure of meeting while on vacation? Calamity Kim! We had arranged for me to come to her house for a visit. We were both a little nervous about meeting in person, but we fell into good conversation quickly. Kim is so cute and bubbly and creative and generous! It was a treat for our eyes (my kids were there too) to look at all the decorations and goodies that Kim has made and collected for her home. And I loved her craft room. I was stuffing my pockets when she wasn't looking.

helping myself

Just kidding. But you have to be careful around Kim. If you say you like a fabric she has she will rip you off a piece right there! So I did a little shopping in Kim's craft room.


She also treated us to lunch, then we had a walk on the beach and a trip to a wonderful quilt shop. Where we did a little shopping. Here's my loot!

fabric shopping

It was surreal being around all the quilts on Kim's walls. Quilts that I've seen out here in blogland and on flickr. So of course I had to have my picture taken with a few. hee

in Calamity Kim's craft room

in Calamity Kim's home

But the main reason for the trip, was for me to deliver her four way swap package. The inspiration for her quilt came from Kim's love of dolls and this flickr picture.

4ws ~ for Calamity Kim

The rules for this round were:
1. include birds
2. include neutrals
3. include recipient's color of choice (blue/aqua for Kim)
4. include liberated piecing

4ws ~ for Calamity Kim

For the bird rule, I wanted to use flying geese, but I didn't want them to distract from the look I was going for. So I used all neutrals so that the geese gave texture to the quilt along with the pieced background. The "dolls" were inspired by a quilt by Freddy Moran shown in the book Collaborative Quilting. I free pieced the dolls (another example of taking a paper pieced pattern and using it as a guideline to free piecing).

4ws ~ finished

Kim's quilt for me wasn't quite ready yet, so she gave me a consolation gift of a huge fat quarter bundle. So unnecessary, but never look a fabric gift horse in the mouth, right? Plus the bonus of her not being ready is that she might come to my house to deliver my quilt! How fun!

for me

All in all, it was a fun day with a fun lady. I'm glad that we had that time together, even if she did hit Marguerite in the head (on accident). M's ok. No damage done. Maybe that is why Kim was giving me so much fabric.....

Until next time folks, when I share the quilts I've received so far for the four way swap!


Lynn said...

You lucky girl! I would love to have a meet up quilt day!
I love the flying geese. Brilliant!
I have also enjoyed your beach pictures.

BrendaS said...

what fun! I've had good experiences meeting fellow bloggers as well. Great fabric score!

calamity kim said...

I am so glad she didn't have any permanent damage from the seat belt/ car seat debacle!!! That's why they call Me Calamity! Wouldn't be authentic if someone/something didn't get hurt, broke or spilled!!! I had great fun with you and look forward to coming to Gainesville!!! yahoo!
calamity kim

Not Lucy said...

So fun to get to see pictures of both of you. It is nice to have a face to go with the quilts and stories since many bloggers/flickr'ers (like myself) don't really post too many pictures of themselves so. It is probably because they are the ones taking the pictures, but still.

LauraJ said...

I have a way with my elbows that they're always smacking my 6 year old nephew in the forhead! I just forget that there are little people in the world. I'm so jealous of your visit with Kim. She's my crafty sewing idol!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

whee, looks like so much fun. you got to go to a quilt show and shop all at Calamity's place.

Helen said...

How cool you girls got to meet IRL and see all those amazing quilts! If we go a swap Sarah, you can come to OZ to visit and collect yours. LOL

upstateLisa said...

How cool that you met in person!!! Love all that loot you collected!!! can hardly wait to see what they all become!

amandajean said...

what a fun day! and all your new fabric. yipee!!!

jacquie said...

well how about that! i saw some of the pics on flickr...looks like a great time was had by all!

belinda said...

oh wow......i wish i had gone with you!!!

Fran said...

What fun! I have a few blog buddies I would love to spend a day with. Lucky you..both of you.

What lovely fabrics you 'inherited' and you didn't do too shabby on the shopping thing either.

So glad you enjoyed yoursef.


Magpie Sue said...

Wow, lucky you! What I wouldn't give to hang out with Calamity! And what terrific fabrics you came home with - you hit the jackpot girl!

Heather said...

all the work is lovely--the little houses are darling and I have to make the birdie quilt. . . can you please direct me to the pattern?

Sharon said...

I've really enjoyed the "quilt show" of all the swap quilts you've made. They're all wonderful! Very inventive! I can't wait to see what you've received.
Oh, and I'm sorry to hear of M's pet rat's death. My DD had pet rats and I learned to really appreciate them. They're sweet and intelligent - they just don't live very long, unfortunately. I hope she gets another one soon!

Tine said...

What a great time! Must be fun to be able to meet in person :)

jmbmommy said...

What fun, what beautiful quilts. Those black birds on the purple fabric is quite nice!

Clare said...

What a fantastic time you had - lucky you.