Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap 5 ~ done!

That's right folks! I've finished and mailed my doll quilt for doll quilt swap 5. In record time (for me).

dqs5 ~ done!
25" x 15"
free pieced
machine pieced and quilted

I finished early for three reasons. Since the "doll quilt" is intended to be a "fall wallhanging", I thought I should get it mailed ASAP so my partner can enjoy it in the fall season. Secondly, I need to get started on my Christmas presents and birthday presents. And lastly, I'm going out of town next week for the whole week.

So....this quilt was a bit of a challenge to me. My partner and I have different quilting styles. Perfect points and corners versus my wonkiness. I was going to try to do something a little more traditional, but felt that I need to stay true to my wonky quilting self atleast a little bit. And as for fabric and colors, my partner and I are different too. So that is were the fall wallhanging idea came from. And with a little encouragement from my SewConnected group (thanks guys!) about my idea, I was off and running.

dqs5 - detail

The letters for the word thankful were done using Tonya's letter tutorial as a starting point. The trees were inspired by this tree by Tanaya. And the colors were inspired by these wonderful photos - here and here and here.

dqs5 ~ detail

I tried to keep the wonky to a minimum and my colors toned down a bit. The colors are still a tad bright, but I tried. I thought giving it a "wooden frame" might help calm it down a little.

dqs5 binding

It is on it's way to a great quilter, and it was a pleasure to make (if not a challenge!).

And I'm thankful it's done!

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Not Lucy said...

You did an excellent job! Your partner should be very excited to receive this, even if she is usually a traditional, perfect points kind of quilter. For some people wonky or random is just really hard to do - they just can't wrap their head around the concept.

Vicki W said...

That is so cute!!

TLC said...

It is wonderful!!

audreypawdrey said...

This turned out so beautifully! It is fantastic. I know your partner will really enjoy and love it.

Rebecca said...

i have such doll quilt envy. it's adorable! i love the trees, and especially all it's wonkiness... though i wouldn't call it that negatively. i love wonky all the time. so beautiful and love the colors. will earmark this project in hopes that i can replicate something similar to it someday.

amandajean said...

nice job, sarah! perfect binding choice.

belinda said...


Tine said...

I is beautiful! I am certain your swap-partner will love it :-) And I am glad you decided to do wonky....it is very much your style, I think ;-)

upstateLisa said...

You put the rest of us procrastinators to shame!!!! I haven't even started! HELP! I love yours. I am sure your partner (which I know isn't me now...since I am not one for perfect points..) darn! is gonna love it!

ingrid said...

This is wonderful! I love the trees.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

what a fun quilt. The letters look great - love the A and K in particular. Those trees are marvelous!

John said...

WOWOWOWOW -- I just received this quilt in the mail. What a great surprise!! It's even more beautiful in person, and I am a lucky and THANKFUL man!

But perfect points and corners?? Hardly! I LOVE the wonkiness of your work but just haven't been bold enough to try it myself. And I think our color tastes are more similar than you think! : )


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It's beautiful! I love your trees and the lettering - wow!