Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back to school

We started back to school today. In case you're new here, we homeschool. This will be our sixth year. Yikes! We don't school year round, but we take breaks here and there and our summer ends up being short. Last year we didn't have a summer break. This year we had the month of August, and it flew by. I had high hopes of doing some more fun schoolish things during August like plays, science experiments, etc. But none of it happened. Oops.

We've been having a hard time getting up early in the mornings lately. And all you mommies out there will appreciate this (or hate me) - my kids were sleeping until 8 or 9 in the morning. Delicious. So this morning I set my alarm for a few minutes after 7 thinking I would have a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts and prepare for the day. hmm, no. A few minutes after my alarm went off, I hear my door creak open and close. Someone was up and seeing if I was up yet. Not good. OK, I will still have a few minutes with just one child. So I get up, come out to the kitchen, and my son is up too! Not only up, but his morning chores are done, he has partially set the table for breakfast, and is halfway through eating his own breakfast. He's ready! He was able to get some of his independent work done before we even started this morning.

It was a good day.

We're off to soccer in a few minutes.

In case you want to know. We use Ambleside Online curriculum. We don't follow it exactly, but we do alot of what they suggest.

And because you need a picture....

4ws sneaky peak

my next project
a four way doll quilt swap and challenge between LauraJay, Lucinda, Kim and myself (me, I?)


Tine said...

Good morning!! I have my first day of classes today too!
I have to say, having children who will sleep til 8 in the morning must be fantastic! Around here we're pulled out of bed between 5 and 6 AM! Yuck! The curriculum looks really interesting. I'll go and have a closer look. I'm so impressed with homeschooling, the whole programme and you doing it! I think I would find it very challenging at times!
Do you homeschool all the way through high-school?

upstateLisa said...

Hey Sarah, by now you have made it through your first day back! I am getting my kids up progressively earlier since tomorrow they will all be gone by 7:35 in the morning!!!! Have a good day!
I love that hint of blue in your sneak peek!

Paula said...

Another homeschooling quilter! Nice. We are in our 18th year, and we're still loving it. Just one more to graduate.