Thursday, May 22, 2008

many thanks to you and you and you...

and you and you

I have received some really great packages lately. But I haven't properly written a bloggy thankyou. So without further ado lets start at the beginning...

From my good friend over at Crafty Turtle, I received a hu-uge box of fabrics. I don't have a picture of them, so let me tell you about them. My friend works at Crate & Barrel and I think some of these came from there via her own stash. She sent a bunch of upholstery fabric swatches and some large marimekko yardage. Both of these have somewhat overwhelmed me. I'm not sure what to do with them. So I have put them away and I'm letting my brain come up with some ideas. I already have one idea for some of the upholstery fabric. And I have a feeling some of the fabrics will be past on to some of my online sewing friends like you. Crafty Turtle understands passing on the fabric love, right? In the box there was also a salt and pepper picnic shaker set and some barnyard animal sprinkles which have been sprinkled on a lot of things already!

Next up is a package from the fabric fairy, Lucyellen06. My fabric stash was in need of some of her more quite, gentle fabrics. My fabrics tend to yell and be slightly annoying. But hers are more sophisticated than that. Aren't they lovely?

fabrics from the fabric fairy

And here we have a wonderful scrap package from carol over at wip. She suggested that we swap a quart sized baggie of scraps. Pure scraps - not cutting into our stash. She sent me all of these great I spy fabrics. Some will be used for wonky i spy log cabins and some will be for my little houses. Aren't they great! I, on the other hand, flaked out and forgot to send any i spy fabric. I packed up the baggie for her without even thinking to look in my i spy box. I was just thinking scraps, scraps, scraps. Oops!

scraps from cbcyr

Continuing the runway theme, next in the spotlight is this great little mini quilt from Susan at chickenfoot. We are both participating in the mini quilt swap on flickr (she's one of the hosts), and we got excited and decided to have our own little swap. She promptly sent this little one to me, a mere 6 inches on each side. And I have promptly farted around and still haven't finished my end of the deal. Lame, no? Well, I worked on the quilting and binding last night and just have to finish hand stitching it to the back. Never fear! It will be on it's way in the next few days! Susan also included a vintage button card with three pretty aqua and white buttons on it. I hope I'm not supposed to keep them on the card, because I plan on using them!

chickenfoot frock

And last (i know! aren't I horrible for not writing bloggy thankyous sooner?!), here is the mini quilt swap package from GoingSewCrazy. We are swap partners this month for the mini quilt swap. Look at her cute little quilt! Her embroidery stitches are so tiny and neat. And she bound it in polka dot fabric - the only choice in my opinion. She also included some great scraps and this sweet little spool doll. Cute Cute! I also owe her a mini quilt. And like Susan's mini quilt, it is in the final stages of binding, soon to be on its way.

from GoingSewCrazy

Whew! That was a lot of thanking, but more importantly is was a lot of kindness sent to me by five wonderful women. Thank you kind ladies! and please forgive my tardiness in not thanking you sooner and sharing it on my blog. I know that I have thanked you each before now, and have posted pictures on my flickr page, but each of these gifts was deserving of a bloggy thank you.


Jacquie said...

Love it all, but especially the mini quilts. So sweet!

upstateLisa said...

Lots of good fabrics!!! I love the cherry fabric that Carol sent you. My fabrics tend to scream too (love that analogy).

LauraJ said...

well aren't you loved??!! :D
I sewed! I sewed!

susan said...

oh my!! thats a lot of mail love!! such swappy goodness!! i think you need to breathe deeply. in that pile o' ispy goodness i am just in lurve with that spaceship fabric!! i keep seeing that around blogland, i need to track down some for myself i think! your welcome sweetie!

Tine said...

wow. a lot of love in the mail :-)

Carol said...

I loved my scraps! Tell you what... when I ever get around to making I-spy quilts and I am in danger of running out of fabric for them (wow, that was a funny thought)YOU will be the first person I call for some more