Friday, April 18, 2008

weekend plans

I'm going to take the kids to see my mom on Monday. And I'm hoping to have a few quilts mostly completed to show my mom. I've been working on Doll Quilt Swap 3. I have made two quilts to put up on flickr and hopefully my secret partner will say she likes one of them. The disappearing nine patch is almost done. I just need to finish the binding.


The other quilt I made for DQS3 is a row quilt. I really enjoy free-piecing, liberated quilting, wonky style - what ever you want to call it. And I've wanted to try a row quilt. A quilt with a row of this and a row of that. We were supposed to go visit my mom today, but Marguerite and I were not 100% healthy. So we took the day off to rest, and I spent the day sewing. I finished the top this afternoon, and finished quilting it this evening. I'm hoping to have the binding sewn to the front tomorrow so that I can hand stitch it down later.

liberated row

detail of the quilting:


The other task on the to-do list is to quilt Naomi's I spy quilt and stitch the binding to the front.

We will see. I also need to clean the pool and maybe mow the yard.


Tine said...

The fabrics in the disappearing 9-patch are gorgeous!!!
The quilt you designed is sooo pretty! I like the trees you put in there too, and the butterfly. It's going to be hard for your (VERY LUCKY) swap-partner to choose....

Hope you feel better!

LauraJ said...

you've been a busy bee this weekend! YAYYY!! See I had to not come to flickr so that you'd be a bit more productive. I was also nursing a semi-hangover with lack of sleep and 3 kids. ACK!
(ps~thank you for missing me are so sweet)

Helen said...

Love the detail of the close up quilting, a little swirl and a heart, just wonderful!

upstateLisa said...

Love the quilting detail! they are both great! wonder which she will 'choose'.

Millie said...

Love the quilt! Love the colors, the whole happy mood of it.

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

That is a totally cute quilt. Good job!

Christie said...

Wow, I LOVE the detail of your quilting. Machine quilting scares me I always muck it up.