Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my end of the deal

The swap between LauraJay, Lucyellen06 and myself was to be with quilts and fabrics. We had a few rules, and we each came up with one.

experiment with color
include birds
try out a new technique, style, block etc.

It was fun encouraging each other, posting progress, and teasing with sneaky peaks. We hope to do it again this fall. It has been a wonderful swap with wonderful ladies.

I made LauraJay's quilt first. I wanted it to be aqua and pink, and as usual, I tend to use as many different fabrics as possible. So it turned out a little busy. Here is what I sent to LauraJay:

swap quilt for LauraJay

When I made Lucyellen06's quilt, I controlled myself in the use of fabrics. I love the look of scrap quilts, and that is why LauraJay's quilt is very scrappy. But I also love in antique quilts when a quilter substitutes a fabric that is very similar because she ran out of the original fabric. This is what I did in Lucyellen06's quilt. I substituted a fabric in three places. It is like a hidden surprise. Here is what I sent to Lucyellen06:

swap quilt for Lucyellen06

I also included a little house quiltlet in each of their packages as a little surprise.

little house #3

little house #4

***there are more pictures on flickr


textile_fetish said...


Christie said...

WHOA! I am in awe of you!!! Those quilts you made for your swap partners are absolutely delicioso! Not too busy at all---very well executed and reminescent of a star quilt I can't think of the name of...but I like them and the casa quiltlets!!! Muy bueno!

susan said...

i really am so jealous, the quilts you sent to the girls are gorgeous. the colors, the piecing style, arggg. love it!! and that was extra sweet of you to send them the little houses