Wednesday, February 27, 2008

questions to ponder about starting a blog

1. Don't I spend too much time on the computer already?

2. How much of me do I really want to put out there?

3. Will I really keep up with it?

4. Will my posts be short and sweet leaving the reader wanting for more, or will I blather on and on and my reader will think "enough already"?

5. What do I know about anything having to do with the computer?



I'm starting a blog. I've thought about it for over a year on and off. And yesterday, a few people on flickr asked if I had one. So last night I decided to start a blog. And lo and behold, a good friend of mine sent out an email this morning announcing her new blog. That's all I needed. So here I am!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Welcome to blogland, fellow Gwen Marston fan. I was searching on her name and found your flickr pic of LQ and immediately looked to see if you have a blog. woohoo! Don't overthink it, just have fun.

textile_fetish said...

I am glad to hear you JUST started this, because I was wondering why I didn't know you had one. Because you didn't. That's why :)

LauraJ said...

Welcome to blogland!! Yayyy!!

ingrid said...

YAY welcome to blogland! I have enjoyed your pics so much on flickr so I look forward to seeing even more of you now.